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Ask BMW Craig: Bluetooth/Apple CarPlay

Ask BMW Craig: Bluetooth/Apple CarPlay

Troubleshooting Bluetooth or CarPlay in any BMW Series.

  1. Ensure that your iPhone iOS is up to date with the current iOS software (iOS 13.3 or higher)
  2. Properly delete your paired phone from the vehicle if it is still showing as a connected device.
  3. Reboot the phone (not turn off)- make sure you are not powering off, but actually restarting your phone.
  4. Once the phone is turned back on, make sure to delete your vehicle from your phone’s connect bluetooth list.
  5. Reboot the head unit on ID6 or ID7 by pressing down on the ON/OFF Volume button for about 30 seconds. The system has been properly rebooted once the screen turns off and restarts.
  6. Once the system starts up again, wait a couple of minutes to let the system completely reboot the background programming.
  7. Firstly, prompt the bluetooth connection and re-pairing procedure for the appropriate phone. Once the phone has been paired via bluetooth, follow the directions to connect CarPlay.

All your connections should be properly connected without any further problems. If you have completed the steps mentioned above and the problems continues to persist please contact your BMW MINI Laval Service department (450) 682-1212 or Service Advisor and mention that you are having difficulty with troubleshooting your Bluetooth and CarPlay features.

Feel free to contact for any further questions/suggestions.

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