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The 2022 BMW iX is coming to Laval

The 2022 BMW iX, the latest all-electric crossover from the German company, will soon be available at your BMW dealer in Laval. With its striking new design, state-of-the-art infotainment system, semi-automated driving, and performance and original design focused on sustainable development, here's a sneak preview of the extraordinary features of this first-ever sporty and compact 100% electric SUV!

A new style between strength and refinement

The 2022 BMW iX offers a striking, avant-garde silhouette. While remaining in the crossover range, the look of this ASV is slimmed down enough to offer the least air resistance. So, even with a volume similar to the X5, a height close to the X6 and wheels reminiscent of the BMW X7, its aerodynamics allows it to gain fifty kilometers of range. Headlights and LED taillights are certainly the slimmest in the entire BMW range.

A cabin designed as a luxurious living room

In terms of the cabin, the BMW iX is more like a large, spacious and luxurious living room flooded with light thanks to its panoramic glass roof. Everything is uncluttered and discreet, probably to highlight the long infotainment screen and the hexagonal steering wheel. The stripping down mainly affects the controls, from the gear selector turned into a switch to the iDrive dial and the speakers built into the seats.

State-of-the-art infotainment system

Twenty years after this revolutionary technology first appeared in the 7 Series sedan, BMW has equipped its 2022 iX with the latest eighth-generation iDrive infotainment system. This interface between the machine and its driver takes the form of a straight, curved, anti-glare touchscreen coupled with artificial intelligence and 5G5 G technology.

With its ultra-precise analysis of driving habits and voice commands, BMW confirms its technological lead in this sector.

Safety and performance:

The powertrain - the fifth generation of eDrive technology - propels the BMW iX to 100 km/h in under five seconds. Under the hood are two electric motors with a maximum output of 370 kW, or about 500 horsepower.

With its numerous sensors and cameras hidden in the grille, the BMW iX offers semi-automated driving functions; a first for the group and a guarantee of safety.

A range of 600 km!

The engines are powered by a 100 kWh battery pack offering a range of more than 600 km with an electrical consumption of less than 21 kWh per 100 km. Designed to handle express DC loads (of 200 kV), the pack can gain 120 km of range in just 10 minutes of connection to a fast charging station.

The 2022 BMW iX: the chic and clean vehicle

Designed with sustainability in mind, the BMW iX emits nearly 50 percent less greenhouse gases than a diesel-powered vehicle in its range. With rare-earth free batteries, natural vegetable-tanned leather seats, and the use of recycled materials like Econyl, the 2022 BMW iX combines elegance, safety and performance with respect for the environment.


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