BMW 2 Series Coupe: The 2022 BMW M240i

The official BMW Laval dealer presents one of its flagship models of the year 2021: the BMW M 240i 2022.

Its ultra-modern concept combined with its overpowering engine make it a unique model that has everything to make you dream. If you also think that the BMW M 240 I 2022 looks great from the outside, you have to discover what it has under the hood!

Hence this presentation of the model that will be released in November 2021, and which summarizes the key points of this extraordinary sedan.


The new M240 I xDrive is an aesthetic jewel ith a feline and dynamic look, which is enough to determine its sporty characteristic t first glance. Agile, precise, each line of its bodywork gives it presence and style, with sobriety and modernism.

The interior of the BMW 2 Series Coupe is as modern as it is chic, and it adds to its effect. Comfortable, stylish and refined, , every finish has been thought out and designed to look like it - and to please you!




374 horsepower. 6 cylinders. A gasoline-fueled monster that will take you wherever you want to go, fast and far. It’s hard to keep up with the speed limits with a toy like this, but it’s not.

At least you’ll be able to enjoy its intense acceleration, and go from0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. Not a record, you may ask? It’s deliberate, because you need to have time to feel pleasure and to really enjoy its capabilities and driving sensations.


New technologies and a typical BMW dashboard with leather and metallic details pair up in the M 240 I xDrive’s cabin. The cockpit includes many state-of-the-art systems, such as the latest interfaces, Driving Assistant, Park Assist Plus, but also the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. Thanks to them, you’ll feel really confident behind the wheel and enjoy the comfort of driving a car of this quality.


Would you like to schedule a test drive with this model, or even make an appointment to purchase it?

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