In the ultra-competitive SUV crossover market, the BMW X3 is considered the king, with over 80,000 units sold in the U.S. market in 2021.

However, the competition is tough and models like the Genesis GV70, a much lesser known manufacturer in our hemisphere, claim the throne of the most prominent SUV on the market.

So what are the strengths of the BMW X3, the undisputed champion of the title, compared to the contender, the GV70? Let’s take a look at the specifics of the two models, which will help you.

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Admittedly, the rugged Genesis design is still unfamiliar to us in America: that’s why we give first point to the BMW X3, which combines soft lines with a carbon grille. The vehicle has a certain elegance, usual for the propeller brand, which is making a splash and establishing it as the best-selling SUV of 2021.

We have a soft spot for the Genesis GV70’s cabin with braided seats, but the BMW X3 is just more comfortable. The Genesis also lacks in-car technology like Wireless CarPlay.

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Of course, the road test is where the two crossovers are distinguished. The BMW X3 is available in a wide range of engines between the 2.5 and 3.5L Turbo PowerBoost. The Genesis, on the other hand, has more limited range options, with a gasoline consumption that approaches 12.6L / 100 in urban configuration. The BMW X3 2022 also wins the handling argument with a smoother ride than its South Korean counterpart.

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The base version of the BMW X3 is priced at $55,470, while the Genesis GV70 starts at a more modest $49,500. Of course, it’s all about budget, even if we can say that the BMW X3 wins the quality/price ratio battle.


It’s easy to see why the BMW X3 2022 is the best-selling SUV, and even if the Genesis GV70 is able to compete fiercely with it, we prefer the German brand’s SUV for its incredible versatility and unmatched comfort.

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