BMW made a big splash at CES in Las Vegas this year by offering the public a unique model of the BMX iX, a car that can change its body color according to the weather. Equipped with E-Ink technology, used in Kindle e-readers, this model is already causing a sensation in video, as it offers an innovation that goes beyond the scope of a simple gadget. Indeed, the colors used have an impact on the heating of the cabin and the comfort of the passengers.

If the innovation arouses our interest, it should be noted that the German brand indicates that this concept will not be available for sale in the coming months.


The presentation of BMW's iX model at CES has a science-fiction feel to it. The vehicle's very distinctive lines are given an electronic paint job, and this every time the weather changes. The three available colors are black, white and metallic gray, and BMW has not yet said anything about other possible colors.

If you're a fan of Amazon's Kindle-type e-readers, you'll probably have an idea of what E-Ink is, the process used to change the color of the vehicle's bodywork. It consists of millions of micro-captures the size of a hair. The interaction between the black and white particles gives the desired tone, and the gray color in the middle of the spectrum is also highlighted.

There is a definite use for this technology, because as we know, the color black reflects the sun's rays much better than white, which makes the interior of a black vehicle more likely to overheat. Conversely, the body of a white vehicle is better suited for hot weather.


The color change is controlled by a button accessible to the driver, who is therefore the master on board when it comes to personalizing the vehicle. The new trend in the automotive industry is towards personalization. In the next few years, a luxury car owner will be able to change details at will, whenever he or she wants. The release date of E-Ink on BMW bodies is not yet specified.

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