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BMW Approved Tire Packages

Joy is cutting through winter.

Joy is BMW Approved Cold Weather Tire Packages.

At BMW, we believe The Ultimate Driving Experience® should apply to all 4 seasons - pre-winter, early winter, deep winter and late winter. With Approved Cold Weather Tire Packages, your BMW will perform exactly as you have come to expect. Discover how to get safely and comfortably through winter, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

Joy is Discovering Everything Under the Sun.

Joy is BMW Approved High-Performance Summer Tire Packages.

As the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, your tires greatly affect your vehicle's ability to corner, accelerate and brake. BMW offers an incredible selection of approved tire packages that deliver the enhanced handling and style you need to get the most out of your drive this spring and summer.

Packages are subject to change and availability.


Run-flat tires.

Even after a complete loss of tire pressure, run-flat tires retain their shape and remain firmly attached to the rim. Even at high speeds, the vehicle remains stable and precisely controllable. The vehicle can be driven for up to 150 km at 80 km/h following loss of tire pressure - or even longer in the case of a slow puncture. The need for a spare tire is eliminated.

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